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There is a very good reason for the radio silence at late.  The Fella and I had a big project in the works.  Now that everything is completed and we can’t jinx it, here we go.

That’s right, audience.  The Fella and I bought our own little slice of paradise; “a matchbox of our own.”   The first time I saw this house, I wanted to give its adorable limestone exterior a hug.  Fella and I are completely enamored with the flower box.  We sat around one night trying to come up with a pithy name to call it.  We came up with “Mod-Cottage” or “Modage” for short.

The Modage was built in 1956, but alas she is no time capsule.  This is kind of a double edged sword for us.  On one hand the house lacks a lot of the vintage details it probably originally had.  However, the lady who owned it didn’t do a “lipstick” job on this house; she took it down to the studs and re-wired and insulated the place.   It’s reassuring to know that we don’t have to deal with 1956 wiring or asbestos  and to know that our house is super energy efficient. 

We do have the original oak floors, which are currently being refinished before moving day. The finish job before our guys arrived was pretty terrible with lots of bubbles and hair stuck in the poly.

We look forward to reclaiming her pedigree and restoring her former charm.  We closed on Thursday and spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday declaring war on the Greige Nation along with a small army of intrepid volunteers (literally, they volunteered…we didn’t even have to ask.)   The interior walls were this weird ivory, taupe color called “Mayonnaise” and a cold ivory color.  I’m not adverse to neutrals, I actually like several of them.  I just can’t deal with THIS MUCH neutral.  And the Fella has decided we spent far too long surrounded by a dingy, yellowed, whitish, gray color that he has dubbed “Broken Dreams.”


kitchen living room 
Bathroom bedroom

Mayo is no more.  With colors like Teal Zeal, Sea Breeze, Weathered Glass, we only have one food named color: “Vanilla Wafer” (a warm, buttery creme color.)  I wish I could give you some after photos, but alas, we can’t walk on the floor in the main part of the house for a few days.  I promise I will snap some this weekend.

So there you go, audience.  Lots of fun stuff going on, so stay tuned.  I promise I won’t leave for so long again!  Take it away, Audrey!



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