May-Made-May 2015: Week One

I did a post about Day One already.

Day One


Day Two

May 2

Day Two was really more of the same.  Top was another Astoria Top made of Cotton Interlock and my Gertie Jeans; different Polka Dot Keds though.

Day Three

May 3

Day Three was my Gertie Jeans with a polka dot Sorbetto Top.  I accessorized with my Nautical Navy Flats, my red bandana, and a Chicago Electric Power Drill. 

Day Four

May 4

Day Four was my Red Astoria Top with my old navy blue twill Linda Circle Skirt (Burda).  I’ve had this thing for years, it’s one of my go-to pieces, being that it is so flattering and comfortable.  I completed the look with  my Nautical Navy Flats.

Day Five

May 5

Day Five was my Turquoise Blue Astoria Top paired with my grey Linda Circle Skirt.  I accessorized with my Black Chelsea Crew Wedges, my Kate Spade Purse, and my Mod-Cat Brooch.

Day Six

May 6

My Cotton Interlock Moneta (Colette) paired with my Chelsea Crew Wedges and my Black Malco Mode’s Belt.

Day Seven

May 7

Grey Linda with my Navy Interlock Astoria Top, accessorized with my Chelsea Crew Wedges and my Black Malco Mode’s Belt.  I really love my Malco Mode Belt collection!


The MVP Pattern for the Week:

Astoria, by Seamwork (a Colette Patterns Publication)

Astoria showed up 5 times this week.  I imagine it will show up in my closet a whole lot more.

Honorable Mentions (with 3 appearances each):

Butterick 5895 (The Gertie Jeans)


Burda 8164 (The Linda Circle Skirt)

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