I Woke up Like This?

In the interest of self promotion, shameless self promotion, Mirandomness is now in the ether of Instagram.  I promise to use this power for good and not evil, which means NO LATTE SHOTS….

If you haven’t already, check it out, follow it, love it, tag it with hashes, and I promise your feed won’t be peppered with too many selfies of me.  Expect to see project progress photos and occasional dinner party food shots.  There will likely be a lot of cat and corgi pictures;  all artistically executed with perfect composition.  

I’m taking a Sew-batical day to catch up on some sewing.  On the day’s docket, not ONE, but TWO kitty dresses.  Self-Stitched-September is going to be feline heavy at this rate, which is a pretty accurate reflection of daily life at the Modage.  We might take some time off to visit some local estate sales, which always proves to be entertaining.  Where else are you going to see a custom painted Elvis armoire?  Have a great weekend!

I think it really captures him….


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