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Enchantment Under the Sea


The most recent edition of the Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium Dinner Party was hosted, Saturday, at the Modage.  The Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium is the name given to our dinner party club by one of our friends, Will.  For Christmas 2015, Will purchased both myself and our friend Sandy a copy of the Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook (mine is the 1950 edition) and told us of his master plan.  Each of us would host one dinner party a quarter, using the monthly menu plans featured in the cookbook.  As part of the exercise, we were also to provide appetizers and a cocktail and coffee with dessert.  As the year winds down we are discussing what the CPAC will be doing for next year.   


I knew the minute I saw the list of August options, what my choice would be.  This year I’ve cooked a crown roast and a leg of lamb.  Both menus have featured a gingerbread cake of some variety and I was looking for something different for dessert.  I saw Baked Lobster and Shrimp Casserole and Peach Pie and the whole theme just kind of evolved from there.   I decided that I wanted to make a whole spread of seafood related appetizers to go along with the dinner, especially after I acquired a lobster shaped jello mold while antiquing with the fella.  Baked lobster and shrimp were joined by molded lobster mousse, Oyster Rockefeller, shrimp cocktail, and a deviled crab cheese ball.  The menu proved more fruitful than I had previously thought, however, when I started researching my options for a cucumber salad.  I was gleeful when I discovered that one of the cucumber salad recipes was for a molded salad.  There has been a bit of a question as to which of us three would be the first to make the leap into molded food.  I was the proud recipient of that rather dubious and jiggly honor with two molded foods in one night.  Admittedly, I’m already planning for our next event in November.

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