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Two and a Half Yard Dress


When selecting a pattern for the OWOP challenge, I decided to go with a pattern I have been using in my stash-busting efforts; my 2.5 yard sundress.  I drafted it based on Vintage Vogue 2902.  I have wanted a simple sundress pattern with a scoop neck and narrow straps that I could customize with different skirt types.  

I want to be THIS cheerful!

With a gathered dirndl skirt, this dress becomes the 2.5 yard sundress, because with my measurements, it takes a little less than 2.5 yards of 45″ fabric to make.  Due to it’s lack of sleeves, it’s a great project to use the adorable, medium weight cotton prints on which quilters seem to have a monopoly.  The resulting project is as cheap and cheerful as I want it to be.  So far I have 2.5 of them.  I am a hem away from having 3.

Hem me, woman!

Admittedly, I feel a bit silly sewing cotton sundresses in late August and early September because I grew up in places where you needed a winter coat in early October.  In Houston, however, I will be able to wear these cotton dresses comfortably through November if I pair them with sweaters and stockings.    I’m thinking of changing the name to “Strappy Dress” to re-brand the whole garment and make it less season specific.

I finished the black and pink floral version of this dress on Friday.  The fabric is the American Made cotton print line from Joann fabrics.  It’s pretty stiff for other projects, but for this application the fabric’s body was beneficial.  I opted to do some coral top stitching to give the otherwise simple dress some visual interest.  I tried a new technique for strap construction that I think worked well enough to warrant a future tutorial.  It zips up the side with a lapped closure, a zipper style that is quickly becoming my favorite.

I have also realized just how sad my droopy crinoline is making me.  A fluffy crinoline is require for optimum cheerfulness.  This is an issue that must be rectified in the near future.


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