Strap in Everyone, It’s a Tutorial!


I hate turning narrow straps inside out.  My hands cramp, I get cranky, and I yell at inanimate objects, which worries the Fella.  How can an industrious seamstress finish projects, while preserving sanity and domestic tranquility?

With a rotatory cutter, ruler, and a bias-tape maker, naturally!

Cut 2″ wide strap on the grain, not biased at all!

 I knew that I wanted a half inch strap for this dress.  So I started by cutting two, 2 inch wide strap pieces.  They are cut on the grain of the fabric, so they are not stretchy.  I have very little shoulder to speak of, so stretchy straps would be a disaster.

It’s like magic!

I popped the 1″ bias tape attachment into my Simplicity automatic bias tape generator.  I love this thing.  Everyone should have one.  It’s kind of amazing and I have the attachments to make 2 inch, 1 inch, 1/2 inch, and 3/8 bias tape.  I fed my strap-strips through the machine and PRESTO:

Aren’t they lovely?

Two, 1″ wide straps, with the raw edge conveniently folded inside, for your strap making enjoyment.  How clean and pretty is that?  Fold these in half again, longways, and give them a good press with your iron.

One step closer. Looking strappy!

You should be left with two, 1/2″ wide strap-like pieces of fabric with all the raw edges nicely tucked in side for stitching.

I use a blind hem foot for edge stitching….don’t judge me.

Edge stitch up both sides.  Contrasting thread makes things pop, if you want to pop.


Apply your new straps to your garment.  I can’t wait to use this technique on other projects, because it makes a strong flat strap that lays nicely. I think it would be terrific on dainties like brassieres and slips.

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