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Whiskers on Kittens! It’s a New Series!

Favorite Things

I appreciate a well executed product review.  It’s how I have found items that I continue to use to this day.  Tattoo eyeliner by Kat Von D, Ruby Woo Lipstick, the Clover Quick Turner, Colette Patterns are all things I have discovered through online product reviews.  I like sharing the love for products that I adore and that have made my life easier.  Since this site is a pretty diverse collection of the stuff that makes Miranda-Mirandom, I have decided to stick to a format of five specific categories:  Beauty/Fashion, Sewing, Food/Cooking, Media, and Technology/Geekery or “What am I Wearing?”, “What am I Making?,”  “What’s Cooking?”, “What am I Listening to/Reading/Watching?”, “What kind of Newfangled Monstrosity is That?”


What am I Wearing?


Overtone Daily Conditioner in Vibrant Red and Extreme OrangeThis stuff is kind of amazing.  Robin at Kat’s Meow Salon, the lady who keeps me beautiful, turned me onto this color depositing gift from the hair gods.  Red hair fades really quickly, as you chemically dependent gingers know all too well.  Overtone Conditioner is like having a demi-rinse put on your head every time you wash your hair.  It’s cruelty free and smells minty fresh.  So far, I have only been able to use the daily conditioner, which I mix together to achieve the coppery color that Mirandas crave.  I would like to try the Custom Copper Kit, with the “Go Deep” Weekly Treatment, but every time I go to buy it….backordered.  Oh well, someday I suppose.   Until then, the daily conditioner suits me just fine.





What am I Making?


Sewaholic Waist Stay Tutorial:  Pretty much what it says on the can, this isn’t a product review so much as a testimonial to a great tutorial.  I have been making a lot of dresses at late and due to reading a good deal about the inner workings of vintage clothing constructions, I have been rather obsessed with little touches and details like lingerie guards and waist stays.  Strappy Dresses have meant a lot of waist stays.  I started out by putting skirt hooks and bars on my waist stays, but I was never 100% happy with the results.  Then I found the Sewaholic Tutorial, tried it out, and I was a signed and sealed convert to the technique.  A little grosgrain in a punchy color, a hook, and you have an easy to make waist stay that is a breeze to fasten.  I put a coral one in my Black Floral Strappy Dress and a Baby Pink one in my Covert Kitty Strappy Dress, both of which will be making an appearance on this blog, on this seamstress, this month.  I need to bulk order these hooks, because I foresee a lot of these waist stays in the future.




What’s Cooking?

giant eyeCold Brew Coffee:  The Modage pretty much runs on Cold Brew these days.  We still love our Nespresso machine, naturally, but who wants to drink hot coffee when it’s summer in Houston?  Plenty of people, I imagine, but I am not one of them; unless I’m in my office, where it is freezing and perpetual sweater-weather, but that’s a story for another day.  We use our Bodum 8-Cup French press, rather than buying a Toddy or Cold Brew Machine.  The process is so simple, I only buy cold brew when I need a pick me up and I’m not at home.  For my 8 cup, I add 1.5 cups of coarsely ground coffee and fill the french press up with filtered water.  Allow to sit on the counter for 24 hours and decant through a paper coffee filter into a container of your choosing.  My preference is the glass stopper bottles I use for Irish Cream, which came from Ikea and paper cone filters, which sit nicely without a fuss in my funnel.  As I am currently in Dallas, I included a picture of the giant eyeball sculpture outside of my hotel room, rather than a picture of the cold brew that is currently sitting at the Modage.  Mostly because that eyeball looks about as awake as I feel after drinking 24 hour cold brew coffee.






What am I Listening To?

Old School

Old School-Si Cranstoun:  I first heard Si Cranstoun on a video on the Lisa Freemont Street Youtube Channel.  I was immediately hooked and tried to find everything I could by him.  Alas, he was only available in the UK, unless I bought the cds on his website and had them shipped here.  Something I was totally prepared to do, after all my attempts to enlist a British CD smuggling mule failed.  Then lo and behold, he showed up on i-Tunes and Spotify.  You can hear strong influences of Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke in his music, but the subject matter is fresh and modern featuring songs about Twitter and skinny jeans.  Old School, which came out late last year, is a fantastic addition to his discography.  It’s equal parts fun and upbeat or slow and soulful.  I listen to all his albums while I work in my studio.  Old School, and the rest of his collection will be going on the wedding playlist next to the Puppini Sisters and Post Modern Jukebox.





What is that Newfangled Contraption?

GorillaPodGorilla Pod, iPhone Adapter, and IOS Remote Shutter:  I hate taking selfies, probably because I’m not very good at it.  For every one that I post, there are at least five rejects.  Between both myself and the Fella traveling this month, I knew that Self-Stitch-September was going to be Selfie-Shot-Self-Stitched-September.  With this in mind, plus our upcoming vacation to Savannah, I thought it might be advantageous to explore other avenues of photographic documentation.  The selfie game is strong with this one now.  I have used it to take photos for the strap tutorial, as well.  It keeps the camera nice and stable.  The flexible legs allow it to be manipulated for the best angles and the bluetooth clicker works way more beautifully than I thought it would.  I tied binder clip to the clicker, so that I could clip it to the tripod when it’s not being used, so I don’t lose it.  All in all, I’m extremely pleased with it and I highly recommend it for anyone who is selfie challenged.






Let me know if you try any of my recommendations.  I’m eager to hear what you think!  Comments make Mirandas happy!

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