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A Few of My Favorite Things: September 9, 2016

Today is kicking off a weekend of celebrating the thing that is probably my favorite thing, or person as he prefers to be called.

Today marks the fella’s birthday proper and tomorrow is the soirée celebrating the occasion.  I have been in hyper planning mode leading up to the party, as is always the case before a Modage Shindig.  With that in mind, my favorite things are rather partycentric.  So many happy birthday wishes to the most singular and supportive partner a woman can have.  The kind of guy who meets you at the airport with fabric, rather than flowers.  Who doesn’t bat an eyelash when you NEED a new behemoth food processor or a jello mold shaped like a lobster.  The sort of person who will go estate selling with you and gets as excited about cheap glass bowls and cake pans.  The kind of  man who will eat cucumbers suspended in gelatinous cream, for the sake of culinary science, and only flinch a little.  The kind of guy who harasses you to writes your blog posts, stays up with you until they are done, and then edits them for you before he goes to bed too.  Happy birthday, sweetie.  Only the best jello salads for you!

What am I wearing?

I feel prettier already!

Last week, I told you that skin care is extremely important to me. I think the beginning of a good made up face is a healthy and clear canvas.  Breakouts and blemishes, which are usually stress related, bother me to no end.  I would rather just nip them in the bud.  Lately I’ve been kind of in love with the products from Soap and Glory, which is a UK drug store brand that has been imported to the states recently.  I diligently use several of their products:  “Vitamin C Face Wash”,  “Scrub Your Nose in It”, “Clean on Me” body wash, “Righteous Butter” body lotion, 6 in 1 daily moisturizer.  Now that I’m getting to that certain age, I decided it was prudent to add a night cream to my regimen.  I have had a great deal of problems with dry skin and dark under eye circles as I grew up.  I don’t know if this is related, but these are far less noticeable since I started using “Beauty Sleep Accelerator” Night and Flight Cream.  It’s a heavier moisturizer, which is great for my over night needs.  Fella has commented that he likes the way it smells, so it’s win win!



What am I making?

Excuse me while I brag on this some more….

This has been the week of 2.5 yard sundresses.  I finished the two cat dresses, Hidden Kitties and Kawaii Kimono Kitties, and I have three more that I will have finished by Sunday, bringing my total to seven.   I am two zippers, two bodice bindings, and three hems away from having three more really adorable strappy dresses in my life. I put them on hold to work on the Fella’s birthday present, which I think might warrant an tutorial in its own right.  I can’t be the only person with a dapper dude in their life.

 I am examining the holes in my wardrobe, which is why I try to do these self-stitched and me-made exercises.  So far I have learned that I lack lounge and casual wear, that I have need of a light weight dressing gown/robe, and that my petticoat situation is lousy at best.  I foresee several of these things being rectified before our October vacation and I have a few things i have to sew up for our Halloween costumes.  I can’t wait to share those with you!  Over all the sewbatical of 2016 has been an overwhelming success in my estimation.




What’s Cooking?

Pimm's Punch proved easy and refreshing
We would drink it all, but that would be shellfish….

Everything at the moment, but right now one of my favorite things to consume is Trader Joe’s Ginger Beer with Lemon and Lime.  I was looking for a tasty, reasonably priced, not too spicy ginger beer to use when making Pimm’s Punch.  Pimm’s Punch is pretty much a basic Pimm’s Cup with cucumber and mint scaled up to punch bowl size.  Mix 1 bottle of Pimm’s No. 1 with 4 bottles of Trader Joe’s Ginger Beer.  Throw in a handful of mint leaves and a sliced up cucumber, and presto!  A supremely drinkable punch that will be gone before the night is over.  It pairs beautifully with a number of foods, although according to legend it was meant to be drunk with shellfish.  With as many people as we have coming over,  I will probably have to make a double batch.






What am I Reading?

I found a new blog that has me pretty much obsessed and is really making me think about how I make and wear clothing.  Lily over at Mode de Lis has me in a dither.  I found her blog through We Sew Retro, another potential time sink for me, and I haven’t be able to stop looking at her beautiful clothing.  Her choices of fabric, colors, trims, and other delightful little design tidbits, give her clothing a very soft, warm, and approachable quality.  Her attention to detail gives her garments a degree of authenticity that I think is lacking in many vintage/retro wardrobe.  Not that the stylistic choices of seamstresses are bad, but there is something appealing to what Lily has made and I look forward to seeing her creations in the future.


What is that Newfangled Contraption?

The Behemoth!

I had my old Kitchen Aid food processor for about 5 years.  I replaced the bowl twice because they kept breaking.  I was ready to replace it a third time, except my model was discontinued and I couldn’t get a replacement.  We had a gift card from Macy’s due to some returns and the Fella told me he thought it was time to upgrade.  11 cups, with an adjustable thickness option on the blades, and multiple sized food chutes; this appliance is exceptionally well designed.  I use my food processor as much, if not more, than my stand mixer.  It is the secret to my scones and pie crust.  I was so grateful, because cooking with out it was kind of a drag.  I could do everything I needed too, but it was inconvenient….I know, first world problems.  We got it just in time for our most  recent dinner party and we couldn’t be happier with the purchase.






Follow me on instagram and see all of Saturday’s festivities in real time.  I will have previews of the Dapper Dude tutorial, once the Fella gets his birthday gift.  Monday is the first installment of Self-Stitched-September Weekly Reviews.  Tomorrow kicks off OWOP 2016!  See you soon!

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