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The Able Grable…Paper Doll Decor at it’s Finest

A friend of mine was in Austin for a weekender.  While she was there, I received a phone call asking if I’d rather have Betty Grable or Vivian Leigh.  The answer was a resounding “GRABLE!”  No offense to Blanch DuBois, but Grable is aces in my book.  She returned with a wonderful set of vintage Betty Grable paper dolls.

I horded this treasure for three years, not certain what I was going to do with it.  Then we bought the Modage and the Modage had a guest room.  Considering that the Modage also needed art, I pulled Betty out of the dresser and enlisted her help.  I purchased two inexpensive frames from Ikea and raided my  fabric stash.  I had ear marked some fabric for throw pillows to match my aqua bedding, when it was my aqua bedding, before the Fella and I started co-existing in a domestic sense.  I had enough to throw together some accent pillows and to serve as my background for the “Able Grable DIY Art Project.”  Using the paper in the frame as a pattern, I cut two pieces of fabric the appropriate size and used spray adhesive to stick it to the cardboard backing.  I also pressed it to death so there would be no wrinkles.

On these fabric covered boards, I laid out the Grables and a carefully curated collection of their paper fashions.  I didn’t want to attach her with any glue, in case I decide to swap out other outfits  in the future.  I gently laid the glass on her and hoped things would stick due to the frame’s innate pressure. 



Ultimately I decided on the black and green Grable, with her slinky sliver ballgown and snowsuit.


And Golden Grable with the cow girl costume and the cute little suit that looks like something out of How to Marry a Millionaire.


She makes a very cheery addition, pinned up on either side of bed.


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  • lynne

    These are fabulous! I have a sent of June Allyson paper dolls that are a similar style and I have had no idea what to do with them. Now I do! Thanks for the great idea!

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