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Self Stitched September 2016: September 01-September 13

September 1

self stitched september 09/01/16I wore this exact same outfit for Me-Made-May 2015, the one that fell apart after one week due to work travel.  Not this time!  I paired my gray cotton twill circle skirt, which I made Burda’s Linda pattern,  with a navy interlock blue Astoria pull over, from the Colette Seamwork collection.  I love these two patterns quite a lot.  I have made them and remade them several times.  I will probably make them again at some point.  Interesting fact, this skirt and the navy one were part of a set of four skirts that I made way back in 2011.  Right after I started sewing garments, having discovered the online vintage community, Gertie did a video about this pattern for It’s Sew Easy.  I decided to give the pattern a go.  I made it in navy, gray, red with a little bow at the waistband, and black with a shaped waistband.  Alas, those last two did not survived Exodus of 2012, but I think it’s really cool that I am still wearing two skirts that I made, five years later.  I did replace the zipper at some point, but mend and make do, right?!  The whole outfit reads more classic than vintage inspired, but considering that this is an oldie, I’m going to let that slide.  I was a newb when I made this skirt.

I accessorized with my black Malco Modes cinch belt and my black ballet flats (big surprise, seeing that these are the only shoes I brought to Dallas.)  My accessories game is weak-sauce this trip.  I promise to step it up with some earrings or a brooch next time.  I AM wearing MAC Cosmetic’s Ruby Woo lipstick, so…there’s that. 

Trying to refine my ability to take a solid, full body selfie to document this month.  Bear with me, there are bound to be hiccups.

September 2

It was late when I took this picture and my plane was delayed, so forgive me for my droopy hair and posture.  I was totally wiped.  This is another outfit from Me-Made-May 2015.  It’s basically the same outfit as September 1st’s, but in different colors.  Astoria in a peacock interlock and navy blue Linda, one of the first four circle skirts that survived.  They travel well without wrinkling so I’m pleased with the two garments.  Astoria is such a great, easy pattern for people starting with knit sewing. It sews up quickly with only a front, back, sleeves, neck and waist bands.  I’m wearing my black flats again, and more of my Ruby Woo lipstick.   I’m also supporting one of my pairs of Zenni Optical cat-eye glasses, because I just didn’t feel like wearing my contacts.




September 3

imageThis is my Vera Venus Sundress made from 2.5 yards of calico from my stash.
 I just wanted something cute and summery to flounce around in and this was a good candidate.  I did a FBA and mock up to make sure it fit before I proceeded, but even with that considered, it went together very quickly.  It has a navy grosgrain waist-stay and lapped zipper up the back.  I also faced the hem with some Kona cotton, so I could get a longer skirt without using more of the fashion fabric.  Hence getting away with only 2.5 yards of fabric for a dress.  I do this on all of my 2.5 yard sundresses.  It saves fabric and gives skirts more body.  If I had to do it again, I think I would do some shirring in the back and make it a pull over.  I will probably make some more of these next summer because they are just so comfortable and look adorable.  I paired it with a pair of Chelsea Crew wedge sandals, my black Malco Modes cinch belt, and a white gardenia that I got when I was a member of the blossom of the month club with Belle Blossom.  I am also wearing my “Grace Kelly” sunglasses that I bought at Target last summer.  I refuse to let them die.  Fella has put them back together more times than we can count.

September 4


Royal blue interlock Astoria over pin dot strappy dress.  I’m very pleased with how well these dresses pair with knit pullovers.  This makes this one most versatile patterns in my repertoire.  It can be worn alone, with a cardigan, or with a pullover.  This makes it an ideal transitional garment for Houston weather, because I can wear this style dress well into the beginning of winter if I pair it with the right kind of top and a pair of heavy stockings.  This time I paired it with a my Malco Mode cinch belt and black wedge peep toes from Chelsea Crew.





September 5

sss5Labor Day!

Navy blue interlock Astoria with “Gertie” jeans.  I paired the outfit with my sparkly red Converse low tops, a red bandanna, and a corgi.  The lipstick is the Dita collaboration with MAC cosmetics.







September 6

Sewbatical Day 1:  Royal blue interlock Astoria and Gertie Jeans.  sss6Black flats from Clarks and a Dowager Calico for accessories.  Honestly, I was too happy to sew to really worry about writing too much.








September 7


Red Astoria and Gertie Jeans; a week at home showed me some serious holes in my casual wardrobe.  I basically wore the same outfit for several days.  I really do love Astoria though.  Gertie’s jeans aren’t bad, but I’m really hankering to try the Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files.  Fella bought it for me earlier this year and I have some denim ear marked.  Black leather headband and black Chelsea Crew wedges.





September 8


 Um, the only real difference is that this is my teal Astoria.  Here let me distract you with the corgi again.   Black polka dot Keds from the Taylor Swift collection.  Damn her for making such cute shoes.  I’m admittedly a much bigger fan of Hiddleston.






September 9


Red polka dot circle skirt and royal blue Astoria.  Ballet flats from Clarks again, tired hair and expression because I was slaving away over jello surprise and grasshopper pie.  Mr. Pebbles:  the First Cat in Space and the chair in the corner highlight the fact that I frequently coordinate with the Modage.






September 10

imageMy First OWOP 2016 Entry:  The Kawaii Kitties in Kimono Strappy dress.  I paired it with my red Malco Modes cinch belt and red patent Chelsea Crew t-strap heels.  This was the fourth dress like this that I made.  I can’t wait to wear it again.  It is a lot of fun.  This was what I wore to Fella’s birthday party.  It was a hit, much like the jello.






September 11

imageMy Second OWOP 2016 Entry:  The American Made Black Floral print Strappy Dress.  I paired it with a coral ribbon around the waist and a matching bow in my hair, because why not.  I have one of my enamel Sarah Covington brooches, a giant coral flower that reminds me of a dogwood blossom, and matching earrings.  I wore this with my black eyelet Rocket Dog wedges, from back when Rocket Dog made really cute shoes. 






September 12th

imageMy Third OWOP 2016 Entry:  Navy Pin-Dot Strappy Dress with Red Interlock Jenna Cardigan.  I wore it with my “scruffed kitten brooch.”  It is literally a kitten hanging from its mother’s mouth.   I also wore my red Malco Modes belt with black, double strap Chelsea Crew shoes and I accessorized with a corgi.  Houston has been suffering from rain at late, hence the sad hair in the last few pictures.  Houston…the only place where you can live three days worth of a wet set in one.  Seeing those videos of the “life cycle of my set” crack me up for this reason.  




September 13th

imageHidden Kitty Strappy Dress paired with teal blue Astoria top and black Malco Mode’s cinch belt.  On my feet, lace up Chelsea crew shoes.  I have actually worn heels to work all week and the world hasn’t stopped turning, nor have I collapsed in a pile.  This is a personal best for me, even if it has only been two days.  Rain storm this morning meant sad hair again.  NEED BETTER FINISHING SPRAY!  Mod Cat brooch finishes off the ensemble.  I have 3 cat brooches now.  Cat brooch on a cat dress is a totally acceptable application.

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