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Mind the Gaps


Last Friday, I wrote that one of the reasons I try to participate in the Self-Stitched-September and Me-Made-May is because it forces me to examine holes in my self-made wardrobe.  I’ve been on a no-new RTW fast for sometime.  My most recent garment purchases were a t-shirt from a musician friend and a strapless bra, which I kind of despise.  I specify “new”, because I think thrifting is the highest form of recycling.  Over the past two weeks, of challenging myself to wear only Miranda-Made garments, I have been able to isolate some areas where I could use some amendments, additions, and some edits.

Casual Wear

September 3Admittedly, I have had a mental block against wearing dresses and skirts on the weekends.  For someone who aspires to dress in a vintage-aesthetic, this may be anathema.  But some of this mental block comes from a “Work” vs “Home” Mentality.  Up until a few months ago, I wore Moneta Knit dresses and cardigans to work almost exclusively.   They were easy to travel with and they were comfortable.  They didn’t exactly represent how I wanted to present myself and after getting myself out of the sewing funk.  I really started making a push toward sewing a work friendly wardrobe that is a better reflection of my personality.  For whatever reason, sewing a dress that was exclusively for not-work, helped me get over this mental block against wearing dresses when I’m not at work.  There is a degree of permissiveness that comes with spending as much time on your appearance on the weekend as you do for work.  Unlike work, where you are presenting an image to your colleagues, home and weekends is purely for you.  Admittedly, part of me felt like I was wasting precious non-work hours getting dolled up.  

There is also a degree of laziness that needs to be fought.  It’s so easy to pull on a t-shirt and jeans.  It’s so easy not to set my hair or do my make up.  I have said it before;  Houston kills any kind of set, wet or heated, it doesn’t matter.  The only difference is how quickly your set eventually fizzles.  If I want my hair done, I have to set it every night, no using “second day hair” to create cute hair-dos.  I think clothes and beauty regimens have a sort of symbiotic relationship, at least where I am concerned.  If I do my hair and makeup, I’ll be more inclined to put on something cute.  If I style myself over the weekend, I’ll be more consistent in styling myself on Monday.  The Funk is staved off; life stays good.  

This is all a very round about way of saying, I would like to have “weekend dresses” and casual alternatives to “weekend dresses” that maintain a vintage appeal and aesthetic.  




Lounge Wear

1957-womens-loungewearWhen I come home from work, I like to change out of my work clothes and into something comfortable.  At this point, that something is my pajamas or my ratty old yoga pants.  What I want is something between night wear and casual.  Comfy, but substantial enough that I can wear it to walk the dog, from both a modesty and atmospheric standpoint.  The reason for this is both psychological and practical.  I’m a creature of routine.  I travel to Dallas for work every other week, I get quite cross when my normal hotel is booked up and I have to stay somewhere else.   As a self-professed home body, creating a route makes me less inclined to lose my mind.   As someone who values a healthy work-life balance, the psychological routine of putting away the work day by changing my clothes helps me in my attempts to keep work at work.  

From a practical stand point, changing out of my clothes helps keep them neat and clean.  This in turn eliminates washes and helps keep clothes from wearing out.  Basically, what I’m craving is the mid-century equivalent of yoga pants and t-shirts, but stylish. 

To help organize my thoughts, I have been compiling a list of items that I would like to make to fill some of the wardrobe gaps.

The List

  • Crinoline to replace droopy one
  • 2 or 3 cute day dresses-I’m thinking I might want to make some Swirl style dresses
  • Stable knit pants-I really think the Sabrina Slim might be the missing link between yoga and cigarette pants
  • Some cute lounge tops-still thinking about what I want to do for this
  • A light weight dressing gown-Heavy bathrobes make no sense in Houston
  • A few more knit pull overs to wear with my dresses and skirts


  • lynne

    Have you considered jeans with rolled up cuffs and a cotton vintage-style blouse? Ladies did wear jeans (dungarees) for at home and work in the yard wear. And saddle shoes or canvas sneakers?
    And there are always kaftans (spelling!) although I find them a bit daunting when trying to do any housework wearing them. Strictly lounge or hostess wear!

    • mirandafern

      I am going to give the Ginger Jean from Closet Case Files a try. I got the pattern for Valentine’s Day and I still haven’t used it. I have always (going back to kindergarten…I just wanted to wear dresses) had a love hate relationship with jeans, which might be improved by custom fitting them. So jeans are definitely on the radar, probably sooner rather than later.

  • mirandafern

    On the subject of canvas sneakers! Those are my JAM! I can’t get enough pairs of Keds. Too many viewings of Dirty Dancing, I suppose.

  • lynne

    Oh yeah! I live in my white Keds! Just got a pair in the mail yesterday — although I get the leather ones in white, because they last longer and have better support. Multi colored keds are the best.
    I saw in previous photos you were wearing “Gertie” jeans. I can’t imagine sewing up jeans. I am always on the look out for high waisted jeans because low rise are just not right.

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