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A Few of my Favorite Things: September 16, 2016


This was supposed to mark the beginning of a new series I’m working on, but we had technical difficulties.  The new series “Movie Night with the Fella” will kick off next week with the premier installment Singin’ in the Rain.  This series was spawned by a very heated discussion:  I love Singin’ in the Rain and the Fella “can’t stand him!”  If you read that in Lena’s voice, we can be friends.  The whole tale will be revealed and I am going to make some themed food and a cocktail to go along with the movie.


What am I Wearing?

This has been the week of one pattern.  I have worn strappy dresses, exclusively, styled in different ways.  Due to the versatility of the garment, it might be a long while before I make any dirndl skirts, because this is literally one of the best seasonal transition garments I have ever made.  Houston winter weather is WEIRD, sometimes how well you fare depends on the thickness of your tights and sweater.  I’m going to take a break from this pattern for a while, but I think it will definitely see a return in the future.

September 13 September 12 September 10

What am I Sewing?

Atelier Joy Kimono

This weekend’s project is a kimono style dressing gown made from light weight cotton.  I’ve said it before; Houston weather is WEIRD.  The Modage Bathroom seems to have its own eco system, but the best lighting is in there so I endure.  I want something light weight and comfortable to wear while I’m doing my hair and make up, that is convenient for packing in a suitcase.  I have been eyeing this pattern from  Atelier Joy on Etsy for a long time.  I decided to buy the fabric last weekend and another hotel without a robe made me realize that I need to move this project up the docket and finish it before my next business trip.  I will probably make a matching head scarf to cover my roller sets, because that’s how I roll.








What’s Cooking?

 image-22-300x300It was a pleasant surprise to discover that the fella loves Jello as much as I do.  I have a great deal of fun introducing him to new Jello salads and dishes.  One of the items I plan on making for “movie night with the fella” is Sunshine Salad….because “GOOD MORNING!”   It’s basically a delightful mixture of pineapples, grated carrots, and orange jello.  I’ll probably pull out my adorable, mini molds, so we can have individual servings.  I will do a recipe card for this and my cocktail.









What I’m Watching

populaireThis adorable tale of office relations, romance, and the cut throat world of international competitive speed typing is both charming and aesthetically engaging.  Louis is an insurance salesman who desires to win above all else, in an attempt to prove his worth to himself and his hyper-critical father.  Rose is a small town girl who wants to more out of life than being a clerk in her father’s shop.  Rose’s raw talent, coupled with Louis’s rigorous coaching turn Rose into worthy competitor and eventually an overnight celebrity.  The story is quick paced, while the costume and set design and cinematography give the film the feel of romantic comedies of Doris Day or Audrey Hepburn.  It would be very much at home next to Bells are Ringing, Pajama Game or Funny Face.  Definitely worth a look see for the costumes alone.

 populaire-1 populaire2 populaire-3


What is that Newfangled Contraption?

My hairstylist introduced me to an app at my last appointment.  It’s called Prisma and it’s a whole lot of fun.  It takes photos and applies art filters to make them more visually interesting.

Comic Book Superhero!

Still Comic Booky

Take on me…take me on….


Next week, I’m going to do a Fella-Inspired Tutorial on how to dapper your dude, show off my new bathrobe, share some Jello recipes and deep thoughts.

I’m attending the Houston Vintage Market tomorrow, so watch instagram!

Have a great weekend!


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