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Assuming Control

Hello everyone, Fella here!  Miranda has contracted some sort of deadly plague from her bi-weekly trips to Dallas, so I am sneaking in here to post on her behalf.  She returned on Friday night as per usual, and was feeling a little under the weather.  We attended the Houston Vintage Market that night, and it was 70s night; we soon discovered that we probably should have waited and gone on Saturday, because that’s when the classic cars, airplanes, and additional vendors would have been present.  We had every intention of going on Saturday, so that she could compare the two days for next year.

However, fate decided otherwise.

Miranda woke the next day, feeling much like warm garbage.  She has been lying in bed since Saturday morning mewling like a wet kitten, surrounded by her own purrsonal cadre of furry nurses, as they attempt restore her to her former vintage vigor.  I have been assisting them in her care, and I hope she will be upright soon and back behind the keyboard, but I wouldn’t expect anything from her until Wednesday at the earliest; the Dallas Plague has laid her low.  Since she will likely not feel up to posting tomorrow, I will be back to entertain you all again, but there is a small chance that she could feel up to it, so don’t lose hope. Since you’re probably here to see her doing her vintage thing, I don’t really have much to offer, unless you want to hear about video games or something.  Instead, here’s a corgi video:

This is Monty’s Happy Corgi Breakfast Dance; he does this every morning as I feed him.  Enjoy!


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