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I’m Back….Sorta


This rather unimpressed photo was taken the night before I was stricken with the Dallas Death Plague of 2016.  A mechanical failure meant that I was grounded for an extra two hours.  I arrived back in Houston, went to the Vintage Market Preview party and woke up with a nasty chest tightness, cough, and fever.  

I’m still sort of making a comeback. I tried to sit down at the sewing machine to finish up a UFO and start on my dressing gown.  I got a few minutes in and started feeling exhausted (this is what happens when you get rid of your fever, drag yourself to work for two days, and then drag yourself to a fundraiser walk).  I’m going to try again tonight, but no promises.  

I have a few-pre-vacation projects I want to get started on, such as Halloween costumes for the Fella and myself.  We get back from Savannah one week before Halloween, and I will be going back to Dallas when I return, so….I have to knock it out before we leave on our trip.  Fingers crossed that I can pull it off!  I have 4 weeks.



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