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January 8, 1940


The battle cry that resonates through the Modage on a fairly regular basis is “FOR SCIENCE!”  The Fella and I are both nerds of the highest order.  I approached the Fella with a proposal.  It went something like this:

Me:  Hey, how do you feel about living like a WWII Briton for a month?  You know, rationing our food and what have you.

Fella:  Why?


Fella:  Alrighty…

I have done this before, on my old blog that is now defunct.  There were carrot cookies.  There will probably be carrot cookies again.  I recognize the fact that this is only one aspect of the difficulties of the people living in WWII Britain.  However I believe there is much to be learned from this experiment regarding how a country banded together in the face of adversity and learned to do without.


Fella’s Thoughts:

I think the hardest aspect of this experiment is going to be getting used to portion sizes, because I can be a bit of a heavy eater, and this strikes me as a type of dining that is going to leave me hungry after most meals.  Also,  Rationed bacon!?  WTF is wrong with these heathens!?

The sugar ration I am actually looking forward to, because this might help me fight off my sweet tooth.  Miranda can attest to the power of my sweet tooth; it is a fickle bitch, and when it demands satisfaction, I can be a bit difficult to live with. (Miranda nods emphatically.) 


WWII Rations 1940: One Adult Person

Butter 2 oz
Bacon or Ham 4 oz
Margarine 4 oz
Cooking Fat or Lard 3 oz
Sugar 8 oz
Meat (Based on Meat Value) 1 lb to 12 oz 
Milk 3 pints to 2 pints
Cheese 2 oz to 8 oz
Eggs 1 fresh egg
Tea 2 oz
Jam (every 2 months) 1 pound
Dried Eggs (every four weeks) 1 packet (12 eggs)
Chocolate (every four weeks) 12oz


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