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Taking It to the Next Level


The Fella and I devised a handy random event chart that subjects us to a bit of uncertainty with our rations.  Each event is assigned a range on a 6 sided dice.  On shopping day (usually Sunday) we will roll and post our results here.


Dice Roll Event
1-2 Cows aren’t producing like they should; milk ration is down to 2 pints
3-6 Cows are producing just fine; milk ration is 3 pints


Cheese (National Cheddar)

Dice Roll Event
1-2 Milk shortages a few months ago led to reduced cheese production; ration is 2 oz
3-5 Cheese production is steady; ration is 4 oz
6 Milk glut in the summer meant that more cheese was produced to preserve the bovine bounty; ration is 8oz



Dice Roll Event
1-3 Meat Production is reduced; ration is 3/4 lbs
4-6 Meat Production is steady; ration is 1 lb

Added BONUS!

While I was researching, I found a project the BBC did to mark the 50th Anniversary of V-E day called “WWII People’s War.”  I was able to find a list of point controlled foods.  I haven’t been able to find much on point values so this was kind of a boon.  The amount of points varied, like all rations.  At the time when this letter was written to relatives in Australia the amount of points allotted to a person was 24 per month.  I am going to add more point values as I find them.

Value was by weight or by tin:

  • Rice-8 points per pound
  • Sardines-2 points per tin
  • Sultanas-8 points per box (I assume)
  • Skimmed milk-5 points per tin
  • Currants-16 points per box
  • Baked Beans-2 points per tin
  • Biscuits (dry)-2 points per package
  • Biscuits (sweet)-4 points per package
  • Herrings-2 points per tin
  • Rolled Oats-2 points per pound
  • Sausage Meat (SPAM)-12 points per tin
  • Best Red Salmon-32 points per tin
  • Chopped Ham-3 points per oz


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