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Stick to Your Knittin’, Kitten

I decided, after returning from Savannah with a new teapot, that I needed a tea cozy.  So I set out to knit one.  I found a simple pattern and made one.  And then I decided that the Fella needed a scarf for Christmas.  Still finishing that one, because it fell by the way side when I made scarves for the niece and nephews for Christmas too. I busted out three chunky yarn scarves in two weeks and forgot to take pictures.  That’s how I contracted the knitting bug and wound up with a bunch of yarn and circular needles for advent from the Fella.

The Fella might actually get his scarf finished before the next cold snap.  Knitting has proven the perfect anecdote for the craft withdrawal I go through when I’m traveling for business.  It also gives me something to keep me busy on the bus commute.  I don’t do well if I sit idle; it’s an ADHD thing.

Last night I took it a step farther and taught myself how to purl.   One step closer to knitting garments.

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