Don't Quit Your Day Job,  My Best Self,  Our Very Fine House


This is the quintessential de-hibernation post.  I’ve had some major life changes since my last post and things are finally balancing in a way that allows me some free time. 

May of 2017, I lost my job of almost eight years.  The powers-that-be decided that we should significantly downsize our office in Houston by 95%.  I was among those deemed unnecessary.  I was surprisingly nonplussed because I had a plan.  6 months before, I had decided that I would sign up for teaching certification.  2017-2018 marked my first year as a teacher.  After a year of traditional public school, I became a certified Montessori teacher for adolescents.  It was my best professional decision, second only to finishing college.

Personally, 2017 became the year that the Fella and I finally tied the knot.  There was a boat.  There was cake.  There was karaoke. It was awesome.  We put off our honeymoon until summer 2018.  We went to LA and Fella finally got to go to Disneyland.  

We had every intention of finally replacing the bad kitchen flip with something functional in summer 2018.   However, Montessori training was five weeks long and I was in Redlands, California (terrible, I know.)  It was not conducive to kitchen de-muddling.  Instead we had all of our pipes replaced and some necessary electrical work to bring our breaker box up to code.  

Our original garden beds were eaten by carpenter ants and I wasn’t able to devote as much time as I would have liked to gardening in 2017-2018.  We did construct an impenetrable bed of cinder blocks before coming to our senses that it was possibly overkill.  We are currently working on a multiple stage plan to add cedar beds over the course of the year, starting with three.  We did add a really cool cedar composter and a trio of Speckled Sussex hens to our backyard.  We have had the hens for a month and we’ve already grown quite attached.  We will be sharing some of our building projects in the coming days.  My nephew is staying with us and helping with the garden, so it’s bedtime.  

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