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New Beginnings

I’m not good at sitting still for very long. I’m especially inept at not doing anything. The Fella says “vacation time means projects.” He’s not wrong about this. My last day at school was December 21. On the night of December 21, I made a new skirt, because skirts. On December 22, we were buying the stuff to make our new composter.

December 23, we were constructing said composter from cedar pickets and 2x2s. We lined it with chicken wire to keep all the bits in place. It has proved quite a hit with Wallis Simpson (that chicken), Lillibet, and Margaret.

Meanwhile, I sewed a dress to wear on Christmas, which I forgot to photo in my fabric frenzy. It has scottie dogs on it. I’ll take a picture of it later. Please accept this picture of me posing by my Christmas Tree instead. The skirt is the one mentioned before, because skirts. Alas, it lacks scottie dogs. There is a corgi in the shot, so your mileage may vary.

Just a girl, her tinsel tree, her dog, her new skirt, and a red Faygo soda pop….

After Christmas Eve and Day were out of the way, work began in earnest on the new veggie beds. We constructed them from cedar pickets, so they will hopefully not be as appetizing to ants.

Given that Houston has a nearly year long growing season, we finished these beds just in time because seedlings are already going into pots and tomorrow is day one of direct sowing.

Daphne disapproves of the mess I am making.

The Ever Patient Fella™ helped me build my square foot gardening grids, which will appear in a post at a later date. It gave him an excuse to use the new nail gun, so I don’t think he minded much.

On the docket tomorrow: radishes, rapini, and spinach, also, hens and hems.

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