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Lighting Our Way

One of the things I dislike the most about daylight savings time is how dark it is when I come home at night. Last time I planted a spring garden, I didn’t know I had green bean sprouts until it was Saturday and I saw things in the light of day. Surprise…also you have weeds!

Not this year! Enter the night gardening! “But, Miranda,” you say. “How is this possible?”

“With technology, my good fellows,” I reply. “Electric lights are the way of the future!”

Honestly, it went something more like this. Last year, I called the fella from the craft store with the plan to decorate our wedding with the nearly 200 feet of Edison style string lights I had just bought on super sale. Fast forward to this winter break, in which the Fella never got to rest.

The lights during the day are not that impressive.

The lights had languished in our garage. “We should hang those lights around the garden.” To which the Fella replied: “Today?” Yes, I did mean today. After some digging I found some nylon rope and armed myself with a staple gun and zip ties. The Fella, being taller, graciously stapled the rope to the post and helped clip and zip the lights to it.

We replaced the bulbs that were broken from transporting the lights home from the wedding and plugged the whole thing in to make sure it worked. I always forget to do this BEFORE we hang up all the lights.

The lights had the desired effect at night. It makes our backyard look beautiful and inviting. And we can count our hens when they come home to roost at night without taking a flashlight with us. Win-Win!

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