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The Right Tools for the Job

I actually used a grid this time. Progress, I makes it!

I have been a fan of Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Garden technique for years. Now, with my new schedule and our reasonably big back yard, I can finally live the dream of a year round garden. It has always been a goal of mine to get to the point where we are not only producing the bulk of the veggies we eat, but I have leftovers I can preserve.

Admittedly, I have been laissez faire in the past about my square foot layout. If we’re really being honest, it was more lazy faire. With my old job at the law firm, I was lucky to get anything in the ground. Last year, being a new teacher meant I was lucky to sleep, let alone do anything that wasn’t grading or planning.

If I have a New Year’s Resolution, it is to take time to do the things that bring me joy. Gardening is one such thing. Cooking the things I grow is another such thing. To help me on this path I have some new tools in my arsenal.

Seeding Square

The Seeding Square makes spacing of seeds and seedlings a breeze. You reference the placement on a handy card or in your garden planning software (more on what I use later) and match up the number of holes you need. For my radishes, it was 16 per square foot. For spinach it was 9. You press the square into the ground, poke the holes, and plant the seeds. Easy-peasy, you just seedsied. (That was a stretch….I know.)

Note taking and adorable little squares in a reliable, user friendly format..

Grow Veg Garden Planner

Grow Veg Garden Planner is not free, but definitely worth the $30 dollars I paid for an annual subscription. Features I love:

Information: The variety of veggies and flowers with a guide for each entry. I can easily look up the companion plants that I should be planting nearby allowing for quick planning of a plot.

Versatility: The ability to switch between row gardening and square foot gardening. Once I figured out that I could do that, I was unstoppable.

Being able to plan seasonally: I can plan from month to month. This software shows me when a square should be bare and allows me to anticipate what I will be planting next. Square Foot Gardening discourages land being unused.

Note taking features: The squares I planted today are now notated with the date, the variety, and how long they will take to grow. This will allow me to record data on production so I know if a variety did well.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance….

Hopefully being well prepared will help me stay on track with this year’s horticultural endeavors. This blog will also help me hold myself accountable. Fingers crossed!

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