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Meet the Modage Friday-Living Room Edition

I’ve decided, in true narcissistic blogger fashion, to take you on a mini tour of the Modage. This week:

Living Room

Having a sitting room is a hill I will die on gladly. The Fella and I like to entertain. There are two rooms in the house where people congregate: the dining room and our living room.

There is something about a good living room that encourages conversation. Especially when one removes the distraction of a television. So many parties would devolve into everyone watching You-Tube videos on our tv, before we excised it from the sitting room. Amazingly, once we did that, our parties became ones where people actually talked.

Our living room was originally painted a rather dark blue, which we decided made the room feel dark and cave like. Last spring we decided to repaint. I painted a large swath of our exterior trim sample on the walls and made a case for more Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise.

I won the day.

Ikea Hacked Rast

Our furniture is a mix of modern reproduction, vintage, and Ikea hacks. Our accessorizing is made up of vacation souvenirs (like George our sock monkey), estate sale finds, and things I hot glued and spray painted (I’m looking at you starburst mirrors.)

Changes that are coming sooner rather than later.

I mentioned Ikea Hacks. We really like those groovy Scandinavian shelving units designed by Poul Cadovius. Design Within Reach is definitely NOT within reach of a teacher and a NFP employee. Vintage prices are not much better than new. Enter Svalnas

Fella and I did some preliminary refinishing tests, and we have discovered with sanding and a good quality gel stain, we can approximate a wood like color that is similar to our other furniture using Svalnas bamboo parts. I anticipate this being a spring project. Tiny house needs more storage, and this is a good step towards accomplishing this.

Not to mention that I am tired of using my hi-fi as a bar. Zenith deserves better!

I’m a record player…not a mini-bar!

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