Dig Dig for Victory

Weekend Round Up; In the Most Literal Sense…

This weekend was marked by a curious phenomenon; every time we turned around, we had chickens on our patio. We kept looking for how they were getting out and herding them back into the chicken yard. We were stumped. Then I watched one of them fly back over the fence when she saw me coming towards her with intent to apprehend. Mystery solved!

This did not solve the issue of how to keep them where they needed to be and not wandering around the backyard (and definitely not wandering the front yard.) The time that I had been dreading had come. We had to clip their wings.

We’ve had our ladies for a little over a month and they are still getting used to being handled. I’ve only successfully picked them up a few times. Now one of us had to not only pick them up, but hold and restrain them.

This had to occur while the other one of us carefully clipped the primary flight feathers and not the actual bird. This is not something to which I was looking forward. Youtube proved to be a boon. Armed with a nice sharp pair of scissors, which we purchased for the task, we proceeded to give our girls a clip. Fella was the designated chicken holder and I was designated clipper. We failed to take pictures, because we were mostly concerned at doing it right, rather than documenting the goings on. Some indignant clucking later and the Fella and I have a new skill under our belts! Go team Us!

This is not for hens!

We also added a protective layer of hardware cloth around the veg bed where we did our first successive planting of radishes, broccoli rabe, and spinach. Hopefully it will keep the ladies out of the seedlings. We have a chicken “salad bar” in the works and they have plenty of grass and grubs to forage, so they aren’t being deprived. Next weekend is going to be a busy one from a gardening stand point as Sunday is Dirt-Day and Fella and I will be getting all the compost and what-have-you, that we need to fill the juggernaut concrete bed at the center of the garden.

See you soon!

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