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A Little Good PR Goes a LONG Way…

Work on Monday was in many ways a flashback of this weekend. My students also keep chickens. We have two bantams, that I believe are Leghorns, a standard Leghorn (dubiously named Potpie), and a Barred Rock. Like the girls at home, they have proven themselves to be escape artists. Monday afternoon, I got two surprises.

“Your chickens are in the street.”

“What?” I replied…imagining the Saturday and Sunday, chasing the ladies around the yard.

“Your chickens are in the street.”

What ensued was me, trying desperately to catch the fleeing feathered fowl. It was a process of catch and pass off to the student chicken managers. It was surprisingly quick work, because our chickens at school have actually become quite well socialized to our kiddos.

The second surprise was a bit more tame. Grow Organic had sent us a whole care package of Peaceful Valley Organic Non GMO seeds for our school garden which we are starting this spring. It was an lovely donation.

I know where I will be getting my next batch of seeds! They have a great website with an extensive and diverse collection of veggies and fruit trees. Gardeners are some of the most generous people, I have met!

Thank you, Grow Organic!

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