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Meet the Modage Friday-Kitchen Edition

Last week, I showed you the room I love the most in my house. Today is the room that I hate with a passion that burns like a thousand pancakes you’ve attempted to cook on an inferior stove (it’s a thing.) Please meet my much maligned kitchen.

I believe this remuddled mess started in the 1990s, perhaps early 2000s. Our house was a rental property before, and the land-lady was the queen of questionable renovations, most involving glue of some sort. One such renovation was the french doors that had no where to really swing. As a result of taking them down, because they kept hitting the fridge, we have a lovely view into the laundry room.

Our counter top has a weird long L shape configuration that makes working at one end kind of awkward as you are standing in the right angle of the L, trying to mix things. The landlady really liked this configuration, because she used it twice in this kitchen. I really think she was required to order a specific amount of counter from the fabricator and ordering weird L shapes was the solution.

Her cabinet sizes were also interesting. She picked either incredibly deep corner cabinets with shelves that eat mixing bowls or contain broken lazy susans which will not turn. Her other cabinet of choice were these tiny 12 inch wide cabinets that aren’t good at holding much of anything.

Evil stove, burner of pancakes. Note the other weird L-shaped counter top.

I have a fairly extensive collection of kitchen things and I’m not down with that Marie Kondo decluttering your life show on Netflix. I like having a bread cloche and a scone pan. Alton Brown would not be pleased.

The tiny cabinets limit storage because there are only a handful of cabinets that can accommodate my larger items. My glasses are stacked 4 high to fit them all. Then there is my spice cabinet.

I’m obviously opening a Penzey’s Spice Shop out of my house.

2019 is going to be the year of the kitchen. It is the most ambitious renovation that the Fella and I have undertaken to date. We will be:

  • Replacing all of the cabinets, counter top, and sink
  • Replacing the floor
  • Replacing the major appliances
  • Installing a pocket door between the kitchen and the laundry room
  • Building a small butler’s pantry in our dinning room

Most ambitious, is our timeline. We want to get this finished, ourselves, before I return to work for the 2019-2020 school year. That gives us two months.

I am currently in planning mode, sourcing products and working out logistics. The next few month will see periodic updates as to where we are in this first leg of the project.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home…ours is getting a Transplant

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