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This Long Weekend was Brought to You by Pour Overs….

The Fella is a coffee snob. Once upon a time he roasted coffee for a living, when he was a poor college student. I think he would still roast coffee for a living, if a living could be made roasting coffee.

His latest favorite is the pour-over. It’s like auto-drip coffee…if auto-drip coffee was lovingly coaxed from the bean by an army of winged cherubim, rather than an insistent stream of water soaking one part of the grounds and ignoring the rest, until the moment it drowns them in impatience. At least this is how I think he would explain pour-overs…if he was more like me.

There is some merit to the madness. It really doesn’t take that much more time than traditional drip coffee, but it does taste much better. Not to mention that in a small household like ours, albeit one with two avid coffee drinkers, no coffee sits in the carafe, burnt and forgotten; so less waste.

There is the initial investment of materials, but I found the coolest pour over contraption on amazon. It was designed in Japan, it has one of those built in micromesh filters, it has a drip tray for minimal mess, and it looks just like one of those little diner coffee pots, so I was sold.


This little apparatus and a goose neck pitcher or kettle is all you need to get started. Well, that and coffee…and a cup would probably be handy.

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