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Seeking Design Advice from the Most Brutally Honest People I Know…Middle Schoolers.

I spend my days surrounded by the greatest minds of a generation; eleven, twelve, and thirteen year-olds. Anyone who has interacted with a middle schooler knows that even the kindest, gentlest tween and early teen is honest. So when I was faced with a kitchen design conundrum, I did what any intelligent home improvement maven would do…I polled the people who don’t care about resale value, my students.

Caveat, resale value does make sense….if you are planning to resell. Fella and I bought the Modage with the intent to age in place, because that’s what normal thirty somethings think about when buying a house. We want the Modage to be our forever home (kind of sounds like we adopted ourselves from the shelter), so we decided to make our kitchen a cozy place that melds well with the rest of the house. Initially, it was going to be white cabinets, cream colored walls, and jade green counter-tops.

Then I started to question whether this kitchen was going to jive with the rest of our house. If this really was the kitchen of my dreams…my forever kitchen. I was having buyer’s remorse without having bought a single thing.

I voiced my concerns to the Fella. If he has an opinion on things house related, he always tells me so. He didn’t know what to tell me!

I poured over pictures on Retro-Renovation. In my heart of hearts, I knew I wanted something more than white cabinets. I wanted Holiday Turquoise. Holiday Turquoise shows up all over my house. It is our exterior color, our living room wall color. I have such a strong commitment to Holiday Turquoise in my life, that the Fella can’t even come between us.

But Do the Cabinets need Holiday Turquoise as much as I Do?

I was looking at pictures of pastel colored kitchens while eating my lunch one day. A student looked over my shoulder. I explained what I was doing. “No offense, Ms. L.” I was nervous….I’m always suspicious of statements that start with “No offense” because you never know what is going to follow.

“No offense, Ms. L,” the student continued. “You need more color…this kitchen isn’t very….you know….you.” Another student concurred. Apparently white kitchens aren’t very me. Then completely spontaneously, it was suggested that I needed blue cabinets. I showed my kids some examples of period kitchens with aqua cabinets. One of the students pronounced them “very Fallout” and the gamers agreed. It was unanimous. Ms. L needed a blue Fallout kitchen. Ms. L also needs to bring cake to class, which is how the decree ended.

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