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Garden Plan Phase 2: Operation Cow-Pie

This weekend was jam packed with work and action. Saturday, the Fella and I carefully re-potted a bunch of leggy seedlings in hope that we could get them to grow fuller and less spindly. We have yet to see the results of our efforts. Stay tuned!

Sunday was a bit more intense. We moved to Phase 2 of our gardening plan, the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut, as I have mentioned before, was a massive cinder-block bed we built last year when ants ate my original beds. I was angry…I over reacted… Then life happened and we never actually filled it with grow mix or planted anything. The Juggernaut became something of a symbol for plans put on hold…or something.

We don’t use soil, per say, in our garden beds. I use a 50-25-25 mixture of compost/manure, sphagnum moss, and vermiculite bits. This what is recommended for square foot gardening and has given me good results. My favorite compost is homemade, my second favorite is the organic compost and manure blend from Home Depot. Our composter is composting nicely, but our mix hasn’t cooked enough yet to be viable. As such, the Fella and I picked up 20 bags of composted cow poop, two compressed bags of moss, and loaded them up in Little Red, the Honda Fit. I dubbed this “Operation Cow-Pie” because of all the manure.

The Fella got the vermiculite last week. We are fortunate enough to have a company that sells gardening vermiculite for ridiculously cheap right in the neighborhood, because vermiculite from the hardware store is outrageously priced. We finished our project in a few hours; pretty good for two individuals with the Smondays, fueled on coffee and tacos.

I got another round of sequential planting out of the way, getting some sweet onions in the ground. I’ve never tried go grow onions before, so it’s a bit of an adventure. I have two varieties to try: Grannex and Texas Super Sweet. I’m interested to see if they grow and which variety does better.

Next weekend is going to be garden heavy too. I am waiting for eagerly for daylight savings time, despite the fact that I lose an hour of sleep. I can’t wait until I get home and have enough real light to work in the garden.

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