Dig Dig for Victory

How I Might End up on the DEA Watch List

Fella and I have been dealing with super leggy seedlings. We decided to combat this by creating a grow light array. We transplanted our seedlings in to cups of potting soil, planting as far up the stem as possible to reduce their spindly appearance.

I purchased my grow lights from amazon. They sell so many different varieties. I wonder if the DEA watches to see who is buying grow lights so that they can monitor their activities. The grow lights had holes through which you could put the wires to suspend them.
We discovered that thin screws could easily slide through the hole, and that the head would hold the grow lights in place. I had an old solid wood ikea bookshelf in the garage. We screwed the lights to the bottom of the shelves and then put them back into place.

So far this endeavor has been super effective. We transplanted 60 seedlings. I had to cull about 10 which failed to thrive. I turned this into a word problem for my students. “Ms. L. planted 60 seedlings. 10 of the plants died. What percentage of the plants survived?”

The answer 83% survival rate.

So apparently I have a B in transplanting seedlings. The ones that have survived are doing well. They are getting bigger and sprouting their first true leaves.

In the garden, things are starting to peek through in the beds. Sunday, Fella and I planted more radishes, carrots, and onions. We wanted to plant somethings in the Juggernaut, but it is the favorite playground of the hens at the moment and I need to put in a poultry proof protection plan.

We plan address this issue this weekend and get the rest of our winter/spring plants in the ground.

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