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Foodscaping: Modage Edition

The Fella and I have been spending a lot of time and effort on our backyard. We started talking about our front yard recently, knowing we need to do something to add to our curb appeal. We debated with doing a traditional landscaping configuration. We have decided against it. Landscaping and lawns are a lot of work and the Fella and I feel strongly that hard work needs return on investment. Enter foodscaping and edible yards.

We are crafting this project into phases as we have with the back garden. Taking on smaller projects means we don’t choke and give up. Phase one is some blackberry bushes in the front yard as hedges. We are also going to plant the front flower box with some shade tolerant herbs like mint, chamomile, and chives. The plan is to keep them contained in sunken pots. The space in between the pots will be filled with non-invasive herbs and shade tolerant veggies like chard and lettuce. Apparently nasturtiums do well in our climate in semi shade, so I’m going to give those a shot as well. The side of the flower box that gets the most light will be planted with some raspberry bushes.

This picture was so old, it predates “Ruben” our maple tree.

I used a old google photo that doesn’t show our awesome shutters to map everything out. If I still have time in the early spring growing season, I might build a strawberry tower of stacked flower pots. Eventually the area in front of the flower box will become a bed in Phase 2. It will be home to more herbs.

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