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Eureka: A Lemon Tree!

This summer, I spent five weeks in Redlands, California for Adolescent Montessori Training. Apart from the time away from the Fella, the Menagerie, and the Modage, it was one of the more rewarding experiences of my life. I met some of the most passionate and wonderful human beings in education, learned to be a better educator, and spent time in a truly captivating location. We were surrounded by mountains, under the bluest sky, and the air always smelled of grapefruits warming in the sun.

There was also a lemon orchard, that we were tasked with cleaning and pruning. It was HOT, even for someone who has lived in Texas for 20 years. Temperatures that week in Redlands topped out at 105+ Fahrenheit. Still we persevered. We also harvested over five crates of the prettiest yellow and green stripped lemons with pink centers. We bonded over the experience, the scratches, and the sweating. I miss the work, I miss the learning, and I miss the people.

The Fella asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day and I gave him a couple of ideas. Gardening stuff, yarn, or a lemon tree. He told me to pick out a variety and we’d go get the lemon tree, since I’ve wanted one for ages.

I knew which kind I wanted, but I wasn’t certain it would grow in Houston. Then the varieties list for the Annual Urban Harvest Fruit Sale was released. There it was…the Variegated Pink Lemon “Eureka”, AKA the Grove Lemon.

So tomorrow is the day, we adopt “Eureka” and a few more edible plants for the Modage Homestead.

Happy Friday!

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