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Weekend in the Rear-view

This was a very busy weekend for the denizens of the Modage. Saturday was dominated by an epic moment in my family. My baby brother, who is now 24 years old, proposed to his girlfriend. The Fella and I were among the family and friends there to witness the momentous occasion. Then there were tacos, which is never a bad capstone to an event.

After watching my brother choose his travel partner on this epic adventure we call matrimony, it was weekend business as usual. Sunday morning, while nomsing a pair of honey butter chicken biscuits from Whataburger, we saw a slight hitch in our homesteading plans. Our yard has a wooden privacy fence on 2 sides. The third side has 48″ chain link fence that looks like it might be the same age as the house. Wallis Simpson had perched herself there and was looking into our next door neighbor’s backyard like she wanted to visit. This was a problem. We needed a fast and cheap solution. We put up a temporary reed fence that we found at Home Depot. While the Fella was installing it, the neighbor struck up a conversation. Turns out that he likes listening to our ladies, finding their chicken noises soothing and cathartic. Thank goodness, we wouldn’t want to be turned into animal control for having nuisances in our flock.

With the fowl fence in place, I planted the Juggernaut, while the fella put up another anti-poultry fence around the garden bed. We planted onions, cabbages, kale, beets, carrots, radishes, raab, chard, spinach, and lettuce. Hopefully everything will take. I haven’t put in a grid yet, because I was running out of time to get things in the ground, but I used my seed square to make sure I configured the space correctly. Next time, I need to arm myself with Popsicle sticks and a Sharpie, so I can label as a I go and avoid the “did I plant here already” blues.

The Sussex ladies are thwarted for now!

We also did some minor food-scaping. I built two strawberry towers for the front flower box. I really like the way they turned out. Stay tuned for a strawberry tower tutorial later this week. I planted seven Quinault in one tower and seven Eversweet in the other. I picked pots that matched the ones I sunk into the garden last week. I love the visual interest this gives the front box.

14 strawberry plants…ha..ha..ha….

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