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Taking Your Own Advice

Last week, I wrote about the importance taking care of yourself. This week, I find that I need to take my own advice. A move prompted by student based intervention.

I show up most days in my bright dresses and cardigans, with my vintage hair and a full face of makeup that would make my grandma proud. The last two weeks have not been kind to my aesthetic.

We’ve been doing school conferences, which means later evenings than usual. The school play means Saturdays at work. Coming spring break means our kids are mentally as ready as we are for vacation. We’re all just tired; teacher tired.

I did something that is almost unthinkable for me, as far as my students are concerned. I went to school with my freshly washed, unstyled hair. It was bad enough when I didn’t wear lipstick, but this was a bridge too far. I told them once that when I got to this point, things are NOT good.

They staged something of an intervention. “While your hair is still really nice, this isn’t the Ms. L that we know and love.” It was suggested to me to take baby steps. “Wear some lipstick next week. You’ll be back to yourself in no time” It’s moments like these that I feel privileged and humbled to teach such caring adolescents. They are right. I need to stay true to who I am. February is over, the great gray beast has gone back to bed until 2020. March is here, spring break is a week away. Armed with my Ruby Woo, I will persevere.

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