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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch…

It’s cliched; there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, there are cheaper lunches and healthier ones and that is my most recent goal. I started out the school year with the intention of cooking my meals and packing my lunches. (I just realized that New Years is irrelevant because I think only in school years now.) Like all resolutions, this one fell by the way side when life complicated things. We are getting back on track though, because I realized just how much I was spending on UberEats and Amazon Restaurants.😑

I’ve started trying to create inexpensive, healthier lunches. I’ve also tried to start cutting down on how much I spend on drinks on the way to work, by living off of hot tea and La Croix when at work. So far, it is working and I’ve cut out some of my bad, stress related dietary habits.

It is said that it takes two weeks to develop a new habit. I think that’s crap. It takes months and then you still might get lazy. Honestly two weeks is all it takes to become comfortable and complacent. I’ll do it tomorrowism sets in and before you know it, you’ve stopped the good habit you’ve developed.

I try to start good habits by taking small meaningful steps and measuring progress based on from where I started. It’s the same advice I give my kids. A student getting sixty-five percent of the questions on a test correct might still be considered failing, but if that student started by only getting five percent of the questions correct than they have improved by sixty percent and are that much closer to success. If one considers the whole picture, one less likely to become discouraged.

The last week of February, I packed my lunch three days. This week I plan to pack four day. Hopefully, fueled by the rest and creative catharsis of Spring Break, I can show up with lunch all five days when I return!

Five More Days Until Break!

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