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Prepping for “Sewbatical 2019”

Sewbatical 2018 didn’t happen. I might have been dead, I mean I think I had severe bronchitis and was drugged into semi-consciousness. I believe I was hibernating like a bear and not the least bit productive. Unless you count my coughs; they were productive….ew.

This spring break will be different; no chest x-rays this year! Instead, my new Bernina and I will be sewing some new skirts, tops, and dresses. The goal: SYS or sew your stash. I am requiring any new projects to come from my stash of fabrics. This means I need to take stock of my past purchases, assess yardage, plan projects, and prewash everything.

It’s more flattering in person.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with dresses with shaped midriffs. I made one a few summers ago and it was so flattering that I wanted to make more. I saw the Rita Hack Dress on By Gum By Golly’s instagram page and I knew I needed to make one, because it has a shaped midriff. I’ve also looked at other peplum blouse patterns that might be hacked in a similar way.

I’m also hoping to whip up some simple gathered skirts, a staple in my wardrobe, and some knit tops to go with them for days when I don’t want to wear dresses.

It will be great to recharge my creative batteries and add some new pieces to my wardrobe to prepare for the slog to summer. Nothing is more inspirational than a new dress or garment, when one has to go back to work after a vacation.

One more dawn…one day MORE!!!!!

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