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Give me a Break: Spring Break Day One

The Fella and I spent the weekend, besides a prolonged Captain Marvel break, cleaning up the Modage. We know if the house isn’t clean, I will not be able to do anything “for me” until it is. Even with that precaution, I usually lose the first day of any prolonged break, resetting my sewing room to optimize productivity. I also use it to nap, because I am recovering from the week before break; which all teachers know is the longest week of the whole year. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day except every day is Monday, until it’s not.

I also spent the day making organizing my projects, planning what trim will go on which dress, which buttons, what fabric will line it, etc. I enjoy this design process, because I get to dig through my horde…collection…horde of vintage sewing notions hunting for inspiration. I’m trying to “sew my stash” this time around, which means I’m trying to limit purchases to things like thread. It makes things a rewarding challenge and frees up real estate in the studio, so that the Fella doesn’t tell me “you have enough fabric” when I want to make a purchase. He rarely does it on his own, but I’ve tasked him with Fabric Policing for my own good. I have an addiction.

Now I’m to the point where I’m trying to decide which dress to make first. I might just whip up some skirts for now and see how the mood strikes me.

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