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Twofer: Spring Break Days One and Two

Spring break is blowing by really fast. Yesterday the sewbatical hit a brief hitch. I was in the middle of making a skirt and I noticed something.

Holey Moly…

I found not one, but two holes in the middle of my skirt panel. It never occurred to me to check brand new fabric that had only ever been washed for holes, but there you go. The whole thing kind of put the breaks on my creative flow, until stroke of genius made me look on the Joann Fabrics website. They had the fabric in stock at my local store and it was on sale. So when the Fella got home with the car, we were off. I bought a yard of the fabric I needed for the skirt and then….more….because it was on sale. I feel like this is always a danger of going to the fabric store.

Day Three has been amazing by comparison. I went out to feed the hens this morning and found a little something something waiting for me.

I’m the proud grandmother to an egg.

One of our girls laid her first egg. I was incredibly excited.

On the creative front, I knocked out two new skirts, having fixed the issue with the holes. I’m hoping I can knock out the third tomorrow morning, and then start on my new dress project. I haven’t made a dress since Christmas and it would be nice to have a complete piece.

I feel like spring break just started and it’s already half way over.

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