Dig Dig for Victory

Weekend Update

This weekend, I was flying solo, apart from the hens, which means I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have liked. I go slower without help. The hens were there every step of the way. However, they aren’t very helpful with heavy lifting so that was left up to me. They were there more in a supervisory capacity.

Some of my ugly tomato children didn’t not survive transplanting. I replaced them with some heirloom tomato plants called “Golden Jubilee” and “German Queen.” I also planted some sweet bell peppers, because they are the Fella’s favorite veggie. What the Fella wants, the Fella frequently gets.

I started seeds to put in the new beds we are building for Phase 3. Melons, cucumbers, zucchini, and bush beans are all germinating under grow-lights in the garage.

My big project was a pair of trellis. I constructed the frames and gave them a coat of paint. They still need to have chicken wire stapled to them before they I can be called finished. The longer days mean I will have time to work on them after I get home in the evenings.

We are hoping to start Phase 3 this weekend. Fingers crossed that the weather holds!

Happy Monday, Readers!

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