The Fella’s Back!

The Fella has been in Nashville, where he’s been hanging out with some random blonde, since Saturday. After I finish this post, I’m off to the airport to pick him up and bring him home. I’m glad when the Fella gets to travel, even if it means he gets to meet Dolly impersonators without me. That said…things get interesting when he’s gone. Not to say I completely fall apart when he’s not here, but things get a bit more challenging.

The Fella and I are creatures of routine and we have the whole thing down to a science. Considering that we are the proud parents of two cats, a corgi, three chickens and countless plants, it requires Leyshaw teamwork to make things function smoothly. Mornings without him mean, I’m rushing around, feeding animals, tripping over the dog who doesn’t know what to do when there’s only one human around, and trying to get out the door in a reasonable amount of time.

Lilibet is not amused by me or my conversation…

At night, it’s more of the same and our growing homestead worth of plants to water. We pride ourselves on being a partnership in this endeavor and when one partner isn’t here it shows. I’m glad I’m going to have someone to answer back when I’m watering kale and staking tomatoes. I’m glad I’m going to have Tall Husband here to help staple chicken wire to trellises. Mostly it will be nice to have someone other than the chickens to talk to when I’m working. I think that’s what marriage is really about; having someone in your life, working beside you towards common goals and I’m glad my someone is coming home.

It’s starting to look like a real garden.

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