My Best Self

Life on the Inside

As a history teacher, I frequently have my students reflect about the role they would have played in an unfolding scenario in various periods of history. The ultimate goal is to humanize events and look at them from perspectives frequently missing from the over arching narrative. It is surreal to be taking part in history that isn’t an academic simulation.

The fella and I have been among the really fortunate ones. We still have our jobs for the moment. We have our health and for that we have gratitude. We have enough to eat. My only issue is a lack of flour at the grocery store. We have each other; we haven’t really gotten on each other’s nerves to be honest. I do promise that I will try to wash out the Chemex when I’m done making coffee (sorry, babe.) All in all, apart from our hair and our anxiety, we are comfortable and carrying on calmly.

That’s not to say that we won’t be changed from this experience. I hope we all are. I hope this time shapes our values so that we have a greater appreciation for each other and for what we have. I hope we find a readiness to support those who don’t have what we do. I hope we continue to recognize those we’ve deemed essential and treat them with the value that they’ve always deserved.

The fella and I have been discussing what the future we build should look like on a personal/micro-level. The future is in flux; everything is despite how static we might be physically at the moment. This unsettled feeling leaves the two of us craving stability and reassurance. What this will look like is still evolving. Like everyone, we are searching for the new normal.

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