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I have been spending “stay at home” time reading. Today it is “The Backyard Homestead” series. Last week it was “Grow Food for Free” by Huw Richards. Before that it was a lot of books on French portage gardens and landscaping with fruit.

The Fella and I are researching and planning heavily right now. We are asking the tough questions: “What comes next?”

I’m a hyper-planner. I am the queen of spreadsheets, according to the fella. I’m a major believer in “proper preparation prevents poor performance.” I think this comes from a childhood experience.

Once upon a time, when I was eight years old, my teacher was teaching about glaciers. Somehow we moved on to about how glaciers can calve icebergs. Then we talked about how icebergs could sink ships. I came home utterly terrified of icebergs and people who died on the Titanic. My poor mother had NO idea what I was talking about, Jack and Rose weren’t a thing yet and her poor third grader is hysterically yammering about killer icebergs and dead ship passengers. My dad was able to figure this out, but neither of them could figure out how to deal with Titanic sized nightmares. I was a weird child.

Mom, probably due to me waking her up with dreams of dead people, came up with a plan. Her plan was to take me to the local library and get me EVERY book on the Titanic. In pre-Jack and Rose days, this meant “A Night to Remember” by Walter Lord and a really big book by Bob Ballard, who found the wreck. Pretty soon the nightmares stopped and I became the world’s smallest Titanic expert, obsessively watching NOVA documentaries. (See, weird child)

In the simplest of terms, I learned that the best way to deal with fear is to learn about the thing that you are afraid of. I have applied this to almost everything that makes me uncertain. That includes the future. I feel more secure with knowledge and a plan.

Knowing we want to grow more and more of our own food, I decided that I needed to add to my knowledge base. I want to learn more about over wintering and extending seasons. I want to learn more about seed starting.

I also think we might need to enclose the chickens for reals, because THEY FRAMED THE SQUIRRELS! They were behind the garden bed destruction. I caught Margaret in the garden beds. The hen guards have failed to keep them out this year (last year it wasn’t an issue.) We are going to try some other chicken proofing before the girls have to go into lock up. We want to avoid investing a lot of money in permanent infrastructure for the moment, while we continue to plan for what the future will look like.

Meanwhile, I will continue to read, try to keep the chickens out of the garden, and immerse myself in YouTube.

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