Dig Dig for Victory

Sowing Contentment…Seeding Organization…

The Fella and I went digging through the house last month, looking for all the random places that I had stashed my seeds throughout the year.

My chronic seed buying habit, coupled with this lack of organization meant over buying of some things, under buying of others, and contributed to my general lack of preparedness. I decided that something must be done.

I saw a video from Justin Rhodes, where his wife had her seed envelopes nicely organized in a binder. I wish I could find the actual video, because her seed collection is truly impressive. I decided that this was the best way to go, given that I have TOO MANY BINDERS. (Or maybe enough?) I purchased these inserts from Amazon. They fit my seed envelopes perfectly. I discovered some very odd things as I organized.

  1. I really like lettuce seeds (12 different types!). Which is weird for someone who only likes lettuce in salads, not on sandwiches, and even less on burgers.
  2. I really need cooler carrots. There are red carrots, purple carrots, white carrots, black carrots, and yellow carrots. I only have seeds for orange carrots. I am a boring carrot seed buyer.
  3. Radishes are awesome!
  4. My obsession for brassicas will probably only end in tears while I live in Houston. Kale seems to do okay. Cabbages are meh. Cauliflowers are maybe a bit better. Forget about broccoli and brussels.
  5. Why do I have beets again?
  6. My tomato situation is even worse than my carrot situation because at least I have SOME carrots. I have NO tomato seeds. Pepper and squash seeds are also sadly lacking.

When this seed buying insanity starts to calm down, I need to go buy some fancy carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and maybe some chard; definitely some squash.

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