Dig Dig for Victory

Taking Stock

In Zone 9a, as I have mentioned before, we have some weird growing guidelines. We can grow decent tomatoes in the fall, for example, if we pick the right varieties and have a plant with a nicely developed root system. Brassica family members need to go in the ground around September. I will need to start everything in June and July, which means, I need to start thinking about my fall garden now.

Having organized my seeds, I have learned that I have no tomatoes at all. I don’t know if the two cherry tomatoes I planted this spring will be able to set fruit as we are already approaching 90 degree days, so seed saving will not likely happen. I also lack cucumber seeds, which are critical if I want to make pickles this year. I can get a second round of cucumbers started in July. Not an ideal time to grow them, due to the heat, but I think with some shade cloth I can make it happen.

At this point, I need to buy any additional fall seeds now if I want to be sure get them by June. The lead times on seeds are crazy long. There are back-orders and some vendors saving stock for commercial accounts.

All of this means, I need to go tell the fella that I’m spending yet more money. We just invested money in an upcoming building project that will not impress the hens, but will ensure the success of the current garden and future ones to boot.

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