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“Fowlsom Prison” Blues Part 1

The Fella and I started construction on the new chicken run that we have dubbed “Fowlsom Prison.” Because of where we live, in the city, we do not have any real predator pressure. We see the occasional possum and sometimes a hawk. Our goal isn’t to keep things out; it is to keep our garden murdering girls inside. Hence why it’s a poultry prison, not a poultry fortress or poultry castle.

Last year we put borders up around our garden beds and they kept the girls out. This year, the hens have learned that they can jump over the little fences and noms the zucchini seedlings.

I was lamenting this turn of events while sitting in my garden last week and my eyes landed on the trellises that I built last year from 1x2s and chicken wire. It dawned on me that I could use a similar configuration to build a modular chicken run, that we could easily remove.

I designed a standard 36″x38″ panel to be the base of the run. There are a few places where different sized panels were needed, so I could accommodate different features, like the coop door and poop tray, on my prefab coop. These will be attached to 36″ garden stakes, that have been pounded half way into the ground. The panels will be attached together with wooden braces, cut from the scraps of the 1x2s we used to construct the panels. We used 1″ chicken wire to keep the girls inside.

We built our panels this weekend and plan to start installing them this week. I would NEVER recommend this sort of solution in a setting with any real predators, but for our current situation, I think it might actually have a pretty good chance of working.

If any of them request a poster of Rita Hayworth, I’m going to get suspicious.

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