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Unboxing Promise and Potential

Is that a present…for me?

Last week, I wrote about organizing my seed collection and taking stock of what I have in it. I realized that I had some gaps in the binder. I say had, because I almost immediately set out to fill them.

I made an order to Botanical Interests, one of the few vendors that wasn’t utterly overwhelmed by Covid-19 gardening demands.

So many of the things I like to buy are out of stock because of Covid-19. Flour, yeast, seeds, and chickens are on the “MUST HAVE” list. And being a bread-making, gardening, and poultry husbandry hipster, I’m like “I did this before it was cool.” Seriously though, there are worse things than new hobbies to pass the time, so I’m willing to share the bread-making and gardening. Also, the poultry husbandry, to an extent, if you are willing to acknowledge that those downy little cheepy-poofs will take about five months to lay eggs. That is NOT what this post is about however.

This post is about my seeds, which arrived TODAY. I received:

  • Pickling Cucumbers (July Planting)
  • Parisian Gherkin Cucumbers (July Planting)
  • Gabriella Onions (Fall Planting)
  • Tokyo Long White Scallions (Fall Planting)
  • Bush Beans (September Planting)
  • Bush Roma (Starting this weekend for July Planting)
  • Sun Gold Cherry Tomato (Starting this weekend for July Planting)

I also got their “Heirloom Tomatoes Collection,” which contained:

  • Tomato Pole Beefsteak Organic
  • Tomato Pole Black Krim Organic
  • Tomato Pole Brandywine Red and Yellow
  • Tomato Pole Cherokee Purple Organic
  • Tomato Pole Cherry Red & Yellow Pear Organic
  • Tomato Pole Golden Jubilee
  • Tomato Pole San Marzano Organic

I’m hoping that with the chickens in “Fowlsom Prison” I will see a fall harvest and that I can actually do some canning.

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