Dig Dig for Victory

Fowlsom Prison Blues

I am finally off on summer break, so I’ve been spending my time finishing projects. Today, I finished Fowlsom Prison and just in time, because Friday is “Dirt Day.” I bought myself three cubic yards of compost to amend and top off my beds for summer planting. I’m super excited about my new dirt and the new plants that will be going in the beds. My garage is getting to be ridiculous.

We have several chicken run enrichment projects lined up, so that we can improve the girls’ quality of life, now that they don’t get free range of the yard. We covered the run with 90% shade cloth, because we wanted something water and air permeable. It is important to let the hot air out and prevent the water from pooling as mosquitoes and heat are big issues in Houston. I used a panel of corrugated plastic roofing to shelter their food and water from our unexpected Texas sun-showers. I’m not kidding, yesterday it rained in the front-yard and was sunny and dry in the backyard at the same time.

The chicken run stood up to some rather brutal punishment from storms this week, so while I won’t say it’s hurricane proof, I definitely think it will stand up to normalish conditions. Not bad for 1x2s and chicken wire.

Grow-light central, brought to you by Ikea Ivar and Amazon LEDs.

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