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Two Weeks Gone: Bawkingham Palace Build

Bawkingham Palace is proving to be probably one of the most overly-built John Suscovich Chicken Tractors in existence. I would hesitate to call this chicken tractor “stress free.” It has been reasonably “low stress,” but not “stress free.” We brought it on ourselves, or rather I brought it on us. I am, however not without my reasons; as outlined in the last post. All things considered, it looks really sharp. We had some issues with the back end, due to some twisted wood. That is a short coming of having materials delivered; you can’t pick through the stack to find the best pieces.

Monday: This was kind of a bust. My long screws were on back order, so we couldn’t assemble the frame like we wanted. We also had to catch up on our day job work, because our internet was down most of the day.

Tuesday: We assembled the frame and added a coat of paint. I went with “Holiday Turquoise” by Sherwin Williams (same as the trim on our house) for the frame. I painted the door frame “Pure White” also by Sherwin Williams. The trim work we are adding later will also be “Pure White.”

Wednesday: We framed out the window and the nesting box. The frame of the nesting box will also act as the handle for the coop. I am using two cat litter buckets for nesting boxes. I also made one into a shelter for the pullets inside their temporary run.

For some reason, the cat carrier I use to move them outside is home base.

Thursday: We both had day job stuff that went into the evening. Even though I’m on summer vacation until the end of August, I have professional development obligations. In between webinars, I ran outside and try to hammer out projects.

We were able to finish painting the frame’s inside. We also moved the babies outside. The Cheepy Poofs are turning into Cheepy Poops and therefore, starting to stink up their brooder in a way that I can’t keep managed. They are no longer the downy little fluff balls we brought home. They are getting closer to grown up chickens complete with grown up sized chicken poops. Needless to say, I’ve been hovering over them like a mother hen.

Friday: An unexpected rainstorm hit and we couldn’t get outside to work. We didn’t complain too much, because we both kind of needed a break. Working in 95 F+ degree heat (35C) takes it out of you. I ended up doing some inside work on our next major project; more on that coming soon.

Saturday: We had errands to run in the morning, so we got a late start on work. The Fella started bending the conduit. I painted the nesting boxes and the back side of the T1-11 siding we are using for the sheltered part of the tractor. I also worked in the garden. We had squash to tie up. I also had tomatoes to lay out, although I didn’t get to planting them before it got too dark.

Sunday: We cut and attached the T1-11 Skirting. We also were able to attach the hardware cloth using our pneumatic stapler. The Fella finished bending all the conduit. We might have been able to get it attached, but I needed to get tomatoes in the ground before the rain comes tomorrow. We are looking at a week of rain off and on thanks to a tropical disturbance or something in the gulf. I’m hoping that we can get to a point where the Egg-Mobile is mostly finished, if not all the way finished, by this time next week. The Fella and I want to take a break before we start our next building project.

My Chicken Tractor has a real window. How many people can say that?

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