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Riding the Storm Out: Part 1

Amelia is not here for your hurricane-hype. She doesn’t buy into drama at all.

Monday marked my return to teaching pre-season. We spent the weekend dodging really nasty thunderstorms, trying to finish the Cursed Chicken Tractor. Spoiler….it’s still not finished. It is REALLY close though. My plan to add corrugated plastic roofing did not work out because of the angle of the roof, so we decided to just go with the tarp after all. This meant that I had to order a tarp. And then the weather reports started coming.

We dodged a direct hit from Marco, but then Laura made it apparent that she was heading in our direction. It’s 2020, so the hits just keep coming. We’ve spent the last day watching our favorite weather bloggers at Space City Weather analyze all of the different hurricane models. For a while, it didn’t even look like Laura would make it out of tropical storm levels, but she organized and strengthened and rolled over Hispaniola and Cuba like nobody’s business.

While Laura looks like she is going to make landfall east of us, we aren’t entirely certain. The result is that the Fella and I haven’t spent much time working on Bawkingham Palace (the cursed chicken tractor.) Instead we are preparing for a potentially nasty patch of weather, and preparing to move the hens, Wendell, and the seedlings into the garage for the duration of the storm.

Admittedly, I’m worried about how my garden will fair in this kind of event. I’m finally starting to see my first okra, and late season squash seedlings look fabulous. The tomatoes are doing well. Fingers crossed that Laura is more sound and fury than anything else.

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