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Chicken Coop Diplomacy

We decided last Wednesday to introduce the new Orpingtons (the Churchills) to the Sussexes( the Windsors.) Having never done this before I can say, with my limited experience, that everything seems to be going alright for the most part. However, changing coop dynamics are always fascinating to watch.

I have always suspected that Wallis Simpson was the dominate personality in the pecking order. The events of the past few days have proven this to be true. She is doing everything to make herself look big, important, and impressive. In the words of the Fella, “I didn’t know she could make herself so….poofy.” She is suspicious of the new addition and wants deference for goodness sake.

My darling Lilibet seems to be all sweetness and light, she keeps approaching the Churchills cautiously. Margaret is doing what Margaret is wont to do. While Lilibet is making diplomatic overtures to the new arrivals, Margaret is drinking a great deal and gorging herself on Grubblies.

For their part the Churchills (Jennie, Clementine, and Marigold) are utterly terrified of everything. They mostly hide in the coop, come out as a group, and move as a group. It’s like “safety in numbers girls, safety in numbers.” We are seeing them emerge with greater frequency and longer duration, but largely after a trip to the feeder it’s very Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Fowlsom Prison.


I think things will improve with time, but I feel like it’s a reasonably good start.

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