Riding the Storm Out: Beta Test?

In August, we dodged a bullet in the form of Hanna that hit east of Houston. For some reason, for all the hurricane threats and near misses, tropical storms really seem to have the Bayou City’s number. Ike was windy and Harvey wreaked havoc from which parts of Houston is still recovering.

However, my first real experience with tropical weather was Allison. I had never seen anything like it and wouldn’t until Harvey, to be honest. Tropical storms sound much less frightening than hurricanes, but to someone who has dumped her rain gauge twice in a couple of day, it’s a bit nerve wracking. We are fine, but with tropical events, I always wonder if this is the one that is going to make the bayou near my house, creep up under my front door.

Right now, my bayou are doing what bayous do best; pulling water away from the houses in my neighborhood. There are neighborhoods throughout Houston, where people will not be quite so lucky. Nothing like Harvey, but water in your house is never a good thing.

As I write this, Beta is no longer a storm. It is a depression, parked like a gray cartoon cloud, raining on the city. When we wake up, the road ways will be littered with abandoned cars, as they always are after a storm like this. Rain in Houston is frequently an example of too much of a good thing, but eventually this will stop and the storm will pass. That’s the thing about dark storms, real and metaphorical; eventually, they pass and the sun comes out again. I’m not going to say, just keep swimming, because at the moment, swimming is the last thing I want to do.

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